Can you make a mattress for me in a non-standard size?

Yes. In addition to standard UK, European and USA sizes Marshall & Stewart mattresses and divans can be made to any size required. We also specialise in Oval or Round beds and we are always happy to discuss alternative and bespoke options with you.

My existing mattress is old and needs replacing but the divan base looks in good condition. Do I need to replace the base as well?

It would depend on the type of divan you have been using. Mattress and divans are made as a unit that complement each other. If an old mattress has dipped and sagged, then there’s a good chance the base is damaged. A new mattress will follow the contours of an old base which will significantly increase the wear on the new mattress.

How do I know which bed to choose?

Your bed must support your body and just as importantly it has to support your sleep cycle. Our team is on hand to help you choose the correct bed to give you the best comfort and support for the perfect night’s sleep.

I suffer from back pain. Would you recommend a soft, medium or firm mattress?

A new bed will not cure a medical problem; the aim is not to aggravate the problem. Often with pain the muscles tense and the pain remains constant. A mattress with a superior spring system and a softer top surface allows for a gentle support – the body sinks into the mattress enabling the muscles to relax and for the pain ease. We would advise you to always seek professional advice if you suffer from back pain. Our team of bed experts are on hand to help you choose the correct bed to give you the best comfort and support for the perfect night’s sleep.

Is there anything else I should know about a new bed?

Sometimes the feel of a new bed is so different to what you have been used to, that you may question your selection and feel that you have made a mistake. A new bed from the Simon Horn and Marshall & Stewart range will give you luxurious support that you may not have experienced before – this does not mean that it is faulty or wrong for you, it just means it’s different to what you are familiar with. Take a few weeks to get used to it, trust the feel and try to retrain your body to sleep in the correct posture.

Can I buy any headboard for my bed?

Yes. Our bespoke range of upholstered headboards can be made in any width, height or shape required. We supply fabrics from the best fabric houses and leather suppliers. If you have an inspirational idea please discuss your requirements with a member of our team and we will be able to find the perfect headboard for your bed

Is bed linen available for bigger beds?

We believe that the great feel of quality linens add to the overall sleep experience. We work closely with Italian suppliers to source the finest cotton percales, cotton satins and pure linens to perfectly complement your bed. We supply fitted sheets that cover deep mattresses and top mattress sets. We supply all sizes – and will also custom make for round or oval bed shapes.

How important is it to turn the mattress?

Turning a mattress allows the upholstery fillings to settle evenly across the mattress surface. The frequency with which you turn your mattress depends on the weight of the users sleeping on them. We would recommend turning your mattress every few months to retain the best quality and comfort, and prolong the lifespan of your bed.

Are firmer beds better for you?

The myth that firmer beds are better for a good night’s sleep is not true. A softer bed can still provide the correct support for your back whilst avoiding the pins and needles and discomfort caused by a bed that is too hard.